Day 3 - Exploring Banff
Tuesday we went up to Mt Norquay, looking for wildlife and to take a simple hike. The view was a sweeping overlook of the town below. Didn't encounter any animals except for some "prairie dogs" that gave shrill yips as we approached their meadow. The hike was shortened by the mosquitoes - they were 24 x 7 and pretty aggressive! 

We enjoyed shopping in Banff with its blend of standard touristy stores and unique offerings. The place is truly a global melting pot where you hear many languages and see interesting cultural difference (like having salad for breakfast at the local "Dennys").

In the afternoon we went up to Lake Minewanka where there were lots of Big Horn sheep. They were very habituated to people and obviously used to approaching cars for a handout. We also caught sight of a mother Elk and her young spotted calf in the woods.  


That evening we drove around the Vermillion Lakes and were rewarded by catching sight of a beaver setting off for his evening's work. The Vermillion Lakes was like living in a postcard - you could hardly believe that you were in front of this cobalt blue stretch of water with majestic mountains towering in the distance. Definitely one of our favorite spots! {Click image for full resolution version}
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