Day 1
We arrived at Reagan National after an exciting cab ride and lined up to check in for our Alaskan Airlines flight to Seattle, the first leg of the jaunt. Stepping up to the counter we presented the airline representative with our driver's licenses and birth certificates. We had been diligent in confirming with several official sources that this was sufficient identification for travel to our northern neighbor.
"What, you do not have passports?! Oh no, this is not going to work!"
She tried twice to get the airline computer to accept us and issue the tickets but failed. She enlisted the help of a co-worker who also failed, citing that we were traveling beyond the "buffer-zone". Finally the third representative somehow duped the computer into thinking we had passports.
Once on board we settled in and had a nice flight out to Seattle. From there we took Horizon Air for the 90 minute flight into Calgary. Out the window whenever the clouds broke through in spots we were treated to views of steely colored mountains still capped with snow framed against a deep blue sky. 
We got our bags, rented the car (Ford Winstar)  and got to our hotel...only to find they had messed up the reservation despite a confirmation call two days before. They found a spot for us at a hotel on the north end of town and we finally dropped into bed around 11 pm (which was really 1 am to us given the time change!).
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